Meek Msaki

I build a Tinder App for NFTs


I am excited to share what I have been building this past month.

I teamed up with Martins from Latvia to make a tinder app in Solana. This was a first time for me writing solana programs. I really enjoyed it. After many meetings we eventually got the project to a good start.

Here is the github project.

All the UX/UI elements were designed by Maritns.

I went into this project in high spirits. I spent about 370 hours on full-stack development. I initially started building a rough web application see the deploment here. About 10 days before submission, I began to see the importance of developing for mobile and ditched the web build. I switch from react, to nexjs and finally to react native.

My journey with mobile development was rough but I enjoyed every bit of it. I learned how to develop ios and android apps with expo and it eas-cli tool. Expo made it easier to transition to mobile development. Other than that, I had to unlearn and begin to adapt react native libraries for development. Overall, it has been well worth it!

Here is a quick demo that we made for out hackathon submission.

Swipe app demo

Alt text


Many of the features are still in development. I want to continue building and ship this application, before year-end.

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